Signature Cocktails

Our bar doesn’t just have a great atmosphere; it has a drink to suit any taste and style. Whether you’re looking for a craft beer, local brew, or a signature cocktail, we have a drink to suit any pallet. Rob Dob’s Restaurant & Bar has a flavorful lineup of wine and spirits just ready for your celebration, a night out with friends or a special date. Come taste for yourself at Rob Dob’s.

RD Old Fashion    $9
Evan Williams Bourbon, House-Made Demerara Syrup, Bitters

Tequilla Flower    $9
Sauza Blue, House-Made Hibiscus Syrup, Lime Juice

The Getaway    $9
Cruzan Run Rum, Abricot, Bitters, Pineapple

The Patriot    $9
Svedka, Lemonade, Grenadine, Blue Curacao, Cherry Garnish

The Necktie    $9
West Cork Irish Whiskey, Sweet & Sour, House-Make Green Tea Syrup, Splash of Sprite

Chocolate Martini    $9
Van Gogh Espresso Vodka, Dorda Double Chocolate, Cream, Chocolate Syrup Garnish