Why Rob Dob’s?

The Rob Dob’s name sure is catchy. However, it is more than just an abbreviation of co-owner, Bob Dobski’s name. Bob has a personal connection to the name, which is over 60 years in the making.

Early in Bob’s life, creativity was something on the forefront of his mind. In third grade, Bob qualified to be a contestant on an art program for kids on Chicago’s WGN TV. For each contest, contestants were given an easel, a blank sheet of paper, and coloring utensil, and were instructed to draw a specific item. In the first round, Bob was tasked with drawing a picture of Santa Claus. Bob’s drawing won the first round, advancing him to the second round where things got a little more challenging.

In round two, Bob and the other children who advanced were instructed to draw a scenic portrait of a church on a winter’s day. Bob advanced again and on to the final round where he was to draw a portrait of one of his parents. He illustrated his loving mother, which earned a second-place finish in the final round.  The painting remains framed and is displayed in his office to this day.

As most know, a piece of art is not complete without a final signature from the artist themselves. As a young boy, Bob had never been asked to sign anything before, so he sought help from someone in his life who he had seen sign thousands of letters, and other documents. He asked his father how he should sign his very first art piece.

His dad also shared a creative mind and thought it might be better to use something different than “Bob Dobski.” His dad suggested, “Rob Dob,” Bob loved the idea, and the rest is history.

Prior to entering business full-time and purchasing his first McDonald’s in 1982, Bob spent a significant amount of time studying art, taking classes at the historic Art Institute in the Chicago loop early in his teens and later taking classes at the American Academy of Art also in Chicago.

Though Bob’s business and philanthropic ventures have consumed most of his time over the last several years, each Bob Dobski original painting is marked with the signature, “Rob Dob.”

Despite not continuing work as an artist, Bob Dobski’s creative energy is refocused and captured in Rob Dob’s Restaurant & Bar.